Visuals on this page are designed for viewing with ChromaDepth 3D Glasses.
Please use the 3D glasses which come with DVD "A VOYAGE INTO TRANCE"

What is ChromaDepth 3D glasses?

ChromaDepth 3D is the newest and most versatile 3D image method available. This new patented process allows spectacular 3D images to be created and presented in film, video, television, computer graphics, and laser displays. Unlike the traditional 3D process that requires 2 images, ChromaDepthR information is encoded from a single image through the use of binary optics and color. The ChromaDepthR glasses create striking 3D images from normal 2D images by pulling forward the color red to the foreground and sorting the remaining colors according to their position in the rainbow. The ChromaDepthR process encourages fantastic 3D illusions without compromising the quality of the image when viewed without the glasses.

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